Age Checker for WordPress

A customizable age verification plugin with a beautiful interface.

So what can this plugin help you with?

Many websites such as alcohol, gambling or adult themes require age verification to ensure that the user is above a certain age. Age Checker makes this a simple task for you. The verification screen has various customization options and once you're up and running, users will be presented the screen on page load.

Key features

With a wide range of options it's simple to personalise your verification screen.

3 Background modes

You can either pick a background color, upload a background image, or upload a background video.

3 Verification methods

Choose between the Birthday, Checkbox or Enter forms.

Choose which pages to restrict

You can either age restrict the whole site, or restrict individual pages, posts, categories, and post types.

Upload a logo

Add your business/branding logo to the verification form.

Exit button

Provide users with the option to be redirected away from the verification screen if they are underage.

Customize the form or response text

The verification form or response text can be saved as any language.

Edit the cookie life

Choose the number of days before the verification screen is displayed again to approved users.

Instant previews

Anytime you save changes in the editor, you will be shown an updated preview of the verification screen.

Fully responsive

Both the verification screen and editor are fully responsive ensuring a good user experience for everyone involved.

SEO friendly

Common search engine crawlers can be omitted from age verification.

Canadian Provinces age verification

The birthday form can ask for the user’s location. You're able to define the locations + age requirements within the admin, so the dropdown can include any areas you’d like.

An easy to use
style & settings editor

Take advantage of a settings editor which provides an instant preview whenever you save changes.


Click on one of the demos to launch the verification screen. The popup screen will normally appear on page load.